At we ship your package of medicines to your doorstep. We provide delivery both to our domestic and international clients.

There are some things to know for our customers though that is a part of our shipping policy.

You got to know some of the shipping and ETA rules when you are ordering from our portal.

Providing the correct address

It is the entire liability of the customer who is purchasing medicines on our portal to provide us the right address.

We cannot be held liable in any way if you provide the wrong address as in these cases it is most likely that your order is liable to be canceled.

We deliver to post offices for which the post office box number has to be given correctly.

When you want the delivery right at your home the state name, city name, street name, and a nearby landmark have to be provided correctly for our courier team to trace your address.

Any mistake in providing the address is will likely result in the reshipment of your package to our delivery center locally.

In such cases, the customer will be duly informed about the return delivery. But then until the customer provides the correct address we will not ship your package.

What can happen in the unforeseen extremities?

Times are uncertain and you cannot rule out the chances of any unforeseen events.  This can range from lockdowns, weather calamities such as drought, floods, or even politically adverse situations affecting road and air transit.

In such cases, your delivery time will get extended but we cannot ascertain a specific timeline or due date on when your shipment is going to reach your home.

Of course, our customers will be informed during such situations.

Only after being sure that the adverse situations are over, we will begin processing the package for transit.

In some cases due to prolonged adverse conditions, we also reserve the right to cancel your order.

How long can it take for the delivery of your order?

In general domestic orders will reach your door within 48 to a maximum of 72 hours from the date of ordering. This excludes any holidays.

By domestic orders, we mean orders that are delivered within the country.

For international orders, the minimum time is 6 to 15 days which can exceed further due to several problems such as flight cancellations, adverse climates, customs delays, and lots of more.

Customs delay during delivery

We are not liable for any delay at the customs office when the package reaches the destined country. Also, we will not bear any charge that is levied by the customs department on your package.

You must know whether the specific medicines have customs duty and how it has to be paid. You cannot hold us liable in any way when there is a customs delay.

What happens for untraceable addresses?

For untraceable addresses or where we find no clue of the receiver the same will be reshipped back to our nearest logistical center. We will be duly informing you via email or phone during such circumstances.

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