It’s completely up to you to use our website to buy medicines.

We cannot assure you that our pills will work for you completely. For this, always consult your physician or medical practitioner, and only buy if you are prescribed.

We are not liable in any way if you don’t get the perfect result after using the medicines.

The prices mentioned on the websites can be changed based on offers, discounts on our stocks, and the current market rate of pills.

The description of medicines provided on our website is only for information, and we don’t claim it as a recommendation.

The pictures that are posted on the website and the product information are for reference only.

We have the sole right to cancel the order due to a company emergency. In such cases, you will be notified via email, but the client can not claim us as liable.

We have the right to change the prices of products as per the market, but not more than what is printed by the manufacturer in cases of high demand and offers. You can not blame us for changing prices.

We never force our clients to sign up for our running or existing plans; it is for you to select if you need more discounts and offers. The best plans are for subscribers only.

It is not compulsory to provide your email address while ordering, but if you do, you can get notifications for the best prices and offers.

Usage of drugs bought from our portal

We are not claiming the benefits of products on the websites.

We do not guarantee the results of using any medicines from our website.

On the website, we are not giving you any type of recommendation or branding of medicines by any company. But we act as a seller from whom you buy your medicines.

We don’t guarantee that the person using the medicines on our website will be fully cured.

There are multiple brands, and within each brand there are many doses (20 mg, 100 mg, etc.) as per the generic ingredients.

You should consult your doctor for confirmation of using the same medicines in different doses as listed on the website.

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