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Rcifax 550mg

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

rifaximin 550




10 Tablets In 1 Strip




encephalopathy,IBS,gastro intestinal tract infection



Rcifax 550 is the best medicine for SIBO (severe irritable bowel syndrome) and hepatic diseae. Rcifax contain rifaximin which reduce the over growth of bacteria in intestine and can treat neurological condition called Encephalopathy. Experience the Rcifax 550 to get health on the high to live life better.



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550mg30 Tablet/s$68.00
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550mg90 tablet/s$146.00
550mg100 tablet/s$148.00
550mg120 tablet/s$168.00
550mg150 tablet/s$188.00

Introduction to Rcifax 550 mg: 

Rcifax 550 mg medicine used to treat various health issues related to gastro intestine, which include severe irritable bowel syndrome, traveller’s diarrhea, hepatic encephalopathy (nervous system disorder that is caused by liver disease). Medicine contain rifaximin which kill the over growth of harmful bacteria without removing beneficial bacteria in the intestine and also helps in the removal of liver toxin. Rifaximin is prescribed for the best result in above discussed health issues.

Side Effects of Rifaximin 550 mg:

Rifaximine can cause side effect like joint pain, abdominal pain, depression, nausea, rash or flatulence. Sometime severe diarrhea and stomach discomfort. In this condition visit the doctor.

FAQs about Rcfax 550 mg:

1.Is Rcifax safe for long-term use?

No, Rcifax 550 mg is a short term treatment.

2.Can I take Rcifax  with other medications?

Yes, your doctor can guide you.

 3.Are there any dietary restrictions while taking Rcifax?

doctor can explain what diet should be taken or not during the treatment.


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