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Super Vidalista

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Tadalafil + Dapoxetine


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10 Tablets In 1 Strip




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Super Vidalista is the solution for male intimacy, combining Dapoxetine and Sildenafil. Enhance performance with stronger erections (Tadalafil) and lasting pleasure by delaying ejaculation (Dapoxetine). Achieve your satisfaction with Super Vidalista’s powerful formula. Always consult a doctor before use.



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20mg+60mg60 Tablet/s$69.00
20mg+60mg90 tablet/s + 20 free$102.00
20mg+60mg120 tablet/s + 30 Free$116.00
20mg+60mg150 Tablet/s + 40 Free$146.00
20mg+60mg300 Tablet/s + 100 Free$291.00
20mg+60mg500 Tablet/s +160 Free$450.00
20mg+60mg1000 Tablet/s + 240 Free$800.00

Introduction to Super Vidalista:

Super Vidalista is the best medicine for the main two common intimate issues in men; erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This super drug contain blend of two ingredients, Dapoxetine and Tadalafil, providing solution for a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life.

Uses of Super Vidalista:

1.Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment:
Tadalafil is removed for enhancing the blood flow to the penis, providing a stronger and longer erection. It allows more blood flow to the tissues of penis for firm erection..
2.Premature Ejaculation (PE) Management:
Key ingredient Dapoxetine helps in premature ejaculation. It delays the ejaculation process, allowing men to control climax and long-time of intimacy.

Side-Effects of Super Vidalista:

nasal congestion,
mild vision disturbances
sensitivity to light.

You must follow the prescribed dosage and avoid alcohol consumption as it cause adverse effect.


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